Trees and shrubs are essential elements to a landscape design if you wish to add structure, texture, and color to your lawn. In most cases, taking care of them is easy to do, but there are times when a professional diagnosis and treatment is necessary.

Signs of stress or deterioration that could lead to the decline or death of your trees or shrubs include:

  • Unusual leaf color
  • Thin, dwarfed or damaged leaves
  • Dead or dying limbs, branches or leaves
  • Leaves develop late or drop early
  • Loose or deteriorating bark
  • Insect exit holes
  • External damage from impact to the tree
  • Weather related damage
  • Tree tip dieback
  • Mushroom growth on or under tree
  • Bumpy scales or powdery substances on bark, branches or leaves

If you see your trees or shrubs showing signs like these, one of our professionals will come out to evaluate, diagnose and speak with you about the best treatments that can minimize or eliminate the risks or threats to your tree(s) or shrub(s).

You can rest easy with our tree and shrub program…

LawnTex’s tree and shrub care program enhances the beauty of your property and helps protect the investment you have in your landscaping. Our fertilization is just what your trees and shrubs need to maintain their health and vigor, and our insect disease sprays will keep inspect populations at a controllable level, while stopping diseases before they get out of hand. Your technician will recommend the appropriate applications after examining your trees and shrubs.

A standard program consists of:

  • Dormant oil
  • Spring deep-root fertilization
  • Spring insect and disease control
  • Early summer insect and disease control
  • Summer insect and disease control
  • Late summer insect and disease control
  • Horticultural oil insect treatment
  • Early winter deep-root fertilization

Contact us today to create a tailored tree and shrub plan that will bring out your landscape’s potential.