What results can I expect after using LawnTex’s services?

Our lawn service programs are designed to deliver nutrients, as well as insect and weed controls that will give you a lush, thick and green lawn. Your trees and shrubs should produce greener foliage and your home will be safe from pest invasions and infestations.

What if there are still problems after your visit?

If pest sightings are more than occasional, or the results of your tree or lawn care are unsatisfactory, please give us a call. We thrive on your satisfaction, so we will either come back and reapply the application at no extra charge or refund the cost of the previous application. If a new issue develops in your lawn, shrubs, or trees before our next scheduled visit, please bring it to our attention.

Will your products leach into my well?

You don’t have to worry about common weed and insect control products leaching into your well water. The thatch, which can be found between the growing turf and the soil, traps pesticides and prevents leaching. You don’t have to worry about our fertilizers leaching into your well water either. Since our fertilizers are slow release, granules remain in the soil while plants gradually extract nutrients.

When will it be safe for my kids and pets to play on the lawn?

It is best to keep children and pets off the lawn until the product completely dries. We will be able to tell you specific drying times. If your child suffers from allergies or hypersensitivity to chemicals, they should stay off the lawn an extra day or two.

Does LawnTex mow?

We do not offer mowing services, however, we can provide a recommendation for a provider of mowing service.

How many times will LawnTex need to visit to ensure my lawn and trees stay healthy and my home stays pest free?

No two lawns are the same, which is why our services can’t be offered as a one-size-fits-all.  Our typical lawn fertilization and weed control service includes eight treatments throughout the year which allows us to ensure your lawn is getting all of the necessary nutrients and weed control customized to each season.  Certain stubborn weeds or lawns in dire condition may require specialized treatment. Once we meet with you and understand your needs, we will be able to customize a program for you.

Why should I use a professional lawn care company?

Your lawn and trees are an investment. As a licensed service provider, we are able to obtain commercial quality products that yield faster and more dramatic results than products found in the home & garden section of home improvement stores.

Furthermore, we have experience with lawns in every condition and weeds of every type, which allows us to identify needs that most homeowners may not recognize.  Selecting us as your service provider will give you confidence that your lawn is in good hands.